Bulk Emails

Bulk Email Marketing

We provide Bulk Email service for your business with full featured service. All emails fully 100 % deliverable.

  • High ROI (over 4300% in 2009, according to the Direct Marketing Association)
  • Builds profitable relationships with customers and prospects
  • Increases conversion rates and lifetime customer value
  • Drives referrals and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Mass email marketing reaches prospects at low cost
  • Autoresponders – automatically follow up with each new prospect to increase sales
  • Email Marketing Newsletter – send coupons, news and other time-sensitive content to subscribers
  • Sign Up Form Generator – easily build great-looking sign up forms for your websites
  • Email Marketing Analytics – see which emails get results and which don’t
  • Social Media – publish your emails to Twitter and Facebook automatically

Package Details


6 Paisa Per email OneTime
  • Delivery - Inbox 90% on Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail & Corporate
  • Delivery - Inbox 90 % on Gmail
  • Sending Time - 24 Hours
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