Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing ( Google, Facebook, Other Digital Media)

Google Adwords

Advertise your product/service on Google by Adwords and Adwords Express.

We create text adds and publish it on Google Search to achieve maximum visitors to your website.

We support in Adds Management section to manage your add. Create New Add, Edit Add, Delete Add etc.

Price : 25 % of your total expenditure per month

(Note : Image add price not included in above cost)


Publish your product/service on Facebook by post / banners on Facebook groups and reach customers.

Our staff post about your business / products in various groups on Facebook to target audience.

Prices :

Rs. 750 - Minimum 12 Post  per month

Rs. 1500 - Minimum 30 Post  per month

Rs. 3000 - Minimum 70 Post per month


Facebook Advertisements

To give advertisements on Facebook, our team will help you.

They create account for advertisement and public your advertisement on facebook.

You can also choose, specific area, city, state where your advertisement should display.

Prices: 25 % of total expenditure

(Note: Image adds should supply by customer)


Facebook Page 

We create Facebook page for your business as per your requirement.

It displayed your company information, products / services etc.

Prices :

Rs. 750 - Normal Page

Rs. 3000


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